Friday, May 29, 2009

Accidents Do Happen!

Despite all your best efforts, it is most likely that your dog will have a few accidents! How you deal with them will definitely affect your success in house training your pooch.

The old-fashion training approach use to recommend rubbing your dog's nose in his mess or spanking your dog. However, these methods do not teach your dog to eliminate outside. Instead, they can teach him to be afraid of you! He'll probably think you lost some marbles too!

If you come upon an accident in the house, there is not much you can do but clean it up. Make sure that you use the proper cleanser so that he won't go back to the same spot to do his business. Think about your supervision technique and see how you can improve it. See where the mistake is and what you can do to fix it. For instance, does he have too much freedom in the house?

When training my Puggles, which is considered a hard breed to housebreak, soon as I caught one of them having an accident, I'd used a sharp voice saying, "No!" That is all you need. Then immediately, grab his leash, attach and whisk him outside.

Once outside, I would give him the cue to potty. If he finishes outside, nothing but praise and a treat. I know it is tempting to give him a stern lecture about peeing in the house, but this will only confuse him. The goal is to make it crystal clear what you want your dog to do.