Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Belly Bands For Your Male Dog

Is your unneutered dog making a habit of marking your home? Or perhaps he has lightening fast speed when he pees indoors so you just can't catch him in the act? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, maybe you will want to consider buying a belly band for your pooch to help you to house train him.

A belly band is a strip of fabric with Velcro on both ends. You insert a feminine pad inside and then wrap both around your dog's lower belly. If he raises his leg to pee indoors, he'll just pee in the pad and not your furniture!

They are machine washable and you replace the pads as needed. You can find these at some pet shops or online. Some come in variety of fabrics that will indulge your fashion sense. Belly bands will not house break your dog, but it is a good tool to help you reach your goal.