Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's A Natural Thing

Like all animals, your dog needs to rid their bodies of waste- it's a natural thing they have to do. Of course, from your dog's perspective, it's much nicer to do that on a nice soft carpet in your climate controlled home then outside in grass and rough weather!

When you think about it, dogs have all sorts of natural behaviors that we humans don't always enjoy. One example, they love to chew things to ease their gums when they are teething, to release stress, and because it is just a fun thing to do! As a result, it is perfectly natural to chew on furniture, your best pair of shoes, and whatever they can sink their teeth in!

Another example is, dogs like to dig. They will dig to make a cool hole when it's hot outside and make a hole when it is cold outside. They love to dig looking for critters underground. They love to dig because it is fun and they can excel at this activity too!

Chewing, digging, and eliminating are all natural dog behaviors. But when we bring dogs into our homes, we expect them to control their natural ways. If you think about it, we want a lot from our dog! We expect them to control their instincts and live by another species' rules.

Think about what it would feel like if you had to do the same. For example, have you ever met someone from another culture? What you may be accustomed to can be considered very rude by their standards.

It is important to understand the things that dogs do naturally so you can better understand your canine family member.Now this doesn't mean you have to allow natural dog behaviors in your home. But, what is does mean is that it is up to you to set your expectations and make sure your pet knows what they are.

You can teach your dog to live by your rules as long as they are fair and realistic. You just need to channel those behaviors into appropriate outlets: "pleas don't chew up my shoes. You can play with these dog toys outside." So take time to understand these natural behaviors and the both of you will have a wonderful relationship!

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