Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why Puggle Popularity?

Within the last five years a new hybrid dog breed has originated in the United States that is fondly referred to as a puggle. It is a cross between a beagle and a pug resulting in a loose-skinned, floppy-eared, wrinkly-faced, low maintenance dog. Their bodies are thick-set with short legs and often have a curled tail with a smooth coat of fawn, tan and black coloring. puggles are small in stature, generally ranging from 13-27 pounds while standing 13”-15” tall. This makes for a perfect motor-home lap dog or a well-mannered house dog. They are sweet tempered, affectionate, energetic, and intelligent dogs. They adapt well to children and other household pets. This hybrid is typically easy to train and can master basic commands. Some have even been taught to use a litter box! A mature puggle will look like a miniature mastiff and be almost maintenance free. Puggles will shed, however, their short hair and small size seem to minimize the problem.

Many experts believe crossbred dogs are healthier because they draw from a more varied genetic background than do purebreds. Owners are looking for animals that combine the best qualities of two breeds- the lap friendliness of pugs and the well-known loyalty of beagles. The puggle’s Hollywood movie star power doesn’t hurt, either. Jake Gyllenhaal, James Gandolfini, Sylvester Stallone, Uma Thurman, and Julianne Moore are just some of the newest ‘hot’ dog owners.

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