Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Puppy Information

Important New Puppy owner information

Here is a list to consider before your precious puppy comes home:

Keep household cleaners and chemicals out of his reach. Most are toxic.

Restrict access to plants that are dangerous to dogs: Amaryllis, Azaleas, Bleeding Heart, Caladium, Clematis, Daffodil, Daphne, Dumb Cane, English Ivy, Foxglove, Holly, Iris, Japanese Yew, Mistletoe, Morning Glory, Narcissus, Oleander, Philodendron, Poinsettias, Potato, Rhododendrons, Rubber Plant, Tobacco, Tulip, Weeping Fig.

Store breakable items safely out of the way.

Hide or cover electrical cords so he won’t chew on them.

Safely store antifreeze, engine oil, laundry detergents and lawn chemicals.

Keep children's toys off of the floor-since some parts may be small enough for your puppy to swallow.

Use a cover and/or protective fencing if you have a pool or hot tub.

No chocolate or grapes. They can be toxic if consumed in large enough quantities.

Supervise puppy with small children.

If crating, leave a safe toy to chew on while you are gone--NOT rawhide,
use a kong toy from the pet store, they are safe to chew on.

If crating, leave a radio playing softly, the noise will be very soothing, they are used to this, my nursery has a radio playing for them.

If crating, wear an old t-shirt to bed and leave it in the crate or bed, they will be very comforted by your scent.

Please do not leave your puppy unsupervised. If you have to leave your puppy to work, leave them in a nice big crate, puppy play pen, baby play pen or a small puppy proofed room. Make sure it is big enough to leave water and food if you are going to be gone for a long period of time.

I do not recommend leaving collars or harnesses on them unattended, they could get caught on something and not be able to move or could hang themselves, these should only be used under supervision. I prefer harness rather than collar for puppies.

If you are shipping your puppy, you will need to bring along I.D. for pickup. I also suggest bringing a towel and or baby wipes in case they have an accident in their crate before arrival.

If shipping, you will need to bring a bottle of water, they have frozen ice which will thaw but they may drink it or all or it may spill, so please have fresh water for their arrival. I also suggest bringing nutri-cal , nutri-stat or mega-cal to give them after the flight and once daily for one week after arrival. This is a nutritional supplement that aids in stress and decreased appetite.

You can purchase it online or at your local pet store.
Please keep your puppy on Purine One which we currently feed. If you do decide to change do so very gradually by mixing with Purina. I also suggest for the first few daysif they are not eating well, to add chicken flavor baby food or cottage cheese to their food about a tablespoon per cup to give it flavor. If they are not eating well, you might also try plain fat free yogurt this may be more appetizing to them.

Of very most importance, make sure your puppy has fresh water at all times. You may want to mix your water with bottled water for the first few weeks because water is different in different parts of the country and the change of water may upset their stomachs.

In reference to potty training, I will start their housetraining and they have been on carpet in their nursery as well so they normally will not potty on the carpet. Being consistent is the key. They will need to potty after eating and sleeping. Take them out the same door to the same place, you might also want to try litter box training, bell training, or clicker training.

Included with your puppy will be his medical record and a vaccination schedule. Your puppy will be up to date on vaccinations and will have his vet check and certification which is required before shipping. Please keep your puppy vaccinated. Prevention is less costly than cure and is so very important for puppies.

Last but not least, give your puppy lots of T.L.C.,they have been very prespoiled for you and would like to continue receiving lots of love and attention.


  1. what a cute little dog..i wish i could have one like that..

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