Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Playtime For Puggles

Fun with Your PuggleGames Both Dog and Owner Will Enjoy
Playtime is essential for every dog and master relationship. To ensure that playtime is safe for both your Puggle and you, invest some time in an obedience course first. The key factor is that your Puggle understands the words stop, go, sit, and stay before venturing out into a park of strangers. With a little patience, the two of you can enjoy hours of fun together.

Puggle's Favorite Game
Tug-of-war is the most common game played between dog and master. An old sock is often the choice of toy, rather than a rope. Some experts believe it’s the owner’s scent on the sock that makes it so appealing to a Puggle. Think about it! What other game allows your dog to steal something that is yours!
Veterinarians stress that playing tug-of-war with a sock presents a health risk. The sock loses small particles each time you play. These same particles can become lodged in your Puggle’s teeth or throat causing choking, irritation, and infection. Most veterinarians recommend playtime toys be purchased at your local pet store rather than home made.
At your local pet store, you can find a variety of toys. Some toys provide hours of chew time for your Puggle, while others are designed for training. Puggle pups love to play chase, hide and seek, and fetch. The more running and chasing you can introduce to the game the more excitement it creates.

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